Beginning WordPress. . .

Blog One:

This is a whole new world to me!

I still feel there is a lot I do not understand, but my main goal for this first assignment was to learn how to navigate the themes, colors, definitions, and basics of wordpress. 

When first choosing an appearance, I found that some appearance themes were more complicated than others, so I chose a very basic, easy to navigate theme to prevent frustrations.  However, I did figure out how to change the colors of the theme, that was fun and I was able to be creative, yet remain basic.  I also found because I have worked on myspace in the past, changing the background and colors of the page was easy for me.  However, I could not figure out how to change my font?? Perhaps I choose one of the non-font changing pages.

I think I have a better understanding of definitions, and I added a widget to my sidebar, it is a “calendar” widget, and I am not totally sure what it is supposed to do, but I was just happy I succeeded in adding it to my sidebar, and I will focus more on widgets later.  I understand the difference between a post vs. a page, and I was quite excited about inserting media!! I added a beautiful picture on my “about” page 🙂 The picture is really big though, I should have chosen a smaller format, and I tried to go back and edit it, but I spent entirely too much time on that, and I came to the conclusion that I can’t make the picture smaller after I post it, at least I could not figure out how to do so.  Next time I will just choose the “small” option when posting a picture.

I did not insert a link yet, but I understand how to do so.  Basically the dashboard looks to be the heart and soul of our pages, and this is the screen I need to learn how to navigate fluently.  Overall, a little overwhelming at first, yes, but the more time I spend the faster I will learn!


4 responses to this post.

  1. We seem to be going at about the same pace as far as getting comfortable with this forum of communication! I’m sure we will get acquainted with it soon. Your page looks nice and clean and is easy to read and navigate. I look forward to working with you this semester 🙂



  2. Hi Jill!
    I really like your choice of themes… I think it really compliments your personality well. Are you planning on adding any more pages? If so, I would love to hear ideas. I am currently not sure what else to add to additional pages, hence the lack of them on my page. Oh and….Please teach me how to color!



  3. I like how you have your Calender widget on the left side away from the others on the right side. Is that something you were able to edit, or is that simply part of your designed theme?


    • Hey Phillip, in response to your question, I was able to choose which side I wanted my widgets on when I was adding them by dragging them under the “left sidebar” or the “right sidebar”, perhaps it is a feature specific to certain themes? Not sure! But good question 🙂


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