Blog 5

I have just finished listening to the audacity podcast tutorial, and I have to say, I am feeling pretty confident. I really appreciated the instructions, and the “how to’s” because I am afraid I would have been lost on navigating audacity alone.  When I started watching the first tutorial, I thought it was a tad boring, but the following tutorials were much more interesting. The lecturer recorded his voice and briefly explained how to delete sections (very cool by the way! I had no idea all of this existed!), fade sound, add background music, etc. I don’t feel overwhelmed, and I am looking forward to spending time in the program and figuring out more techniques that were not mentioned.

I still do not know what direction I want to take in regards to creating my own podcast. I could read my favorite poem from my Brit Lit class last year, but I am not sure about that anymore, due to the nature of the poem I am not sure what music to include in the background.  I think adding music, and altering/creating the way the music compliments the voice recording is an essential part of the podcast, so I need to find something to read that fits all of this criteria.  Then I have to choose the genre of music. . . so many decisions! I suppose I should choose the text first though, and then chose the compliments. 

I was checking out the sound recording programs on my computer and I have a better idea of what resources I have at home, and what I can use with audacity.  I think it is crazy how much I don’t even know about my own computer, I mean, there are sound recording programs and DVD creation programs, and I have never ventured to look into them!  It’s kind of like, shame on me, because I think there are a lot of cool things I can create. My excuse has been “not having the time”, but I think another excuse has been “I am not technical enough”, however, if this class is teaching me anything, it is teaching me I can achieve things by working on a computer. . . I am creating my own website, I am having a great time doing it, and I am becoming much more comfortable with this medium.  I am not so intimidated anymore!

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  1. I am in total agreement with you on the computer thing. I have a mac and there are all these super cool functions that I have at my disposal but have never used out of fear or ignorance. Here’s to conquering fears!


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