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As we near the end of time spent on Section Two, it has been another journey, for sure!  I feel okay about Section Two at the present moment in time, but it is not going to stand.  I have come up with a whole new plan for this Section, because I now want to collaborate my Shakespeare class with Section Two of my website. I have a synthesis project due for my Shakespeare class, and I think making Shakespeare’s words interactive (with hypertext) would be a challenge–and create an awesome Section Two.  I appreciate all of Hannah’s, Wilbert’s, and Dr. Kearney’s encouragement and insights on Section Two, but I believe collaborating the projects is going to be awesome, so I may get rid of the poem all together.  Now that I understand how to make texts more interactive, and I have a better idea of what works and what does not work, I think the “new and improved” Section Two will be worth the effort 🙂 

Dr. Kearney sparked a fabulous idea for my Section Two/Synthesizing project, and I over the  past several days I have been formulating a whole bunch of ideas.  The only part of the project that I am a little nervous about is the audio.  I have yet to upload any music/sound, and I need to figure out what will work with the pages I will be creating.  However, once all is said and done, I feel Section Two is going to be really fun.  This time around, I can also incorporate more of Landow’s ideas, and “definitions”, because I feel he points out some key elements that help make a webpage better than average. This sums up my thoughts on Section Two for now, keep an eye out for more to come 😉

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  1. Hey Jill,

    I am curious to know what you plan to do with this section, but why would you get rid of the poem. I really liked what you did with it. If you still plan on doing more with this section, why don’t you just add on instead of take away. The collaborative ideas you have could be totally separate from poem part of the section. Just my opinion. The complete site looks great, and I like the fresh look of your blog. I look forward to seeing more.



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