Blog 8


I am planning on uploading sound today, and then Section Two will pretty much be complete.  I am thankful I was able to collaborate two of my classes.  I have created a mini version of a Shakespeare dictionary, with pages that a reader can “flip” through.  Then I created a neat hypertext activity that allows readers to interact with some of Shakespeare’s famous quotes from the plays I have read this semester. I chose very specific behaviors to enhance the meaning of the quotes and to engage readers.  Some of the quotes disappear, some of the line grow (as if they were “shouting”, like the effect in my Box poem), and some of the lines have other attributes such as color and shake movements.

My Shakespeare class and this Writing for the Web class seem like such opposite extremes (considering the “technologies” used in both ages). .  . however, what amazes me through the journey of reading Shakespeare, and creating a website (all in one semester), is how a work from a very different century can withstand the test of time, adapt, and be relevant in the next time period.  Little did Shakespeare know his works were going to be accessible through the internet!  As Landow has emphasized in many of the readings, the foundation of technology has always been present, but we are constantly adapting and changing, growing and expanding.

Lastly, in the next blog I will be focusing on the Great Firewall of China.  All I basically know at this point is that the Chinese government has an alarming amount of control over the Chinese people.  Perhaps this will be the “persuasive” part of my essay. . .I will focus on this concept of “control”.  I do know that sites such as google, facebook, and myspace are blocked, and this disturbs me on so many levels.

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