Blog 9


Welcome to the last blog!! 🙂

I wrote about blogging, and my feelings about blogging in a previous blog, so I will spare repeating myself.  For the last entry I am going to focus on my Section Three, and the Great Firewall of China (as I have been promising you in previous blogs!)  So far, this is the important stuff I have learned concerning my topic:  Apparently the “Great Firewall of China” is not something new, China has been cracking down on censoring the Internet for at least a decade.  Internet freedom is therefore in control of the government, and as an article in the Wall Street Journal explains (from Landow) “China is determined to do what conventional wisdom suggests is impossible: Join the information age while restricting access to information.” The Chinese people have been subjected to the government’s control in other ways as well.  Cameras have been placed in places such as cafes to monitor web users, and to keep “an eye” on what the users are doing on the internet.  If an internet user reaches a site that is censored, they either receive a message telling them the page is not accessible, they receive a blank screen, or are redirected elsewhere (to another site). 

Through the filtering of technology, search engines such as google, sites such as myspace and facebook, are disabled and restricted from the Chinese people.  Furthermore, the “Great Firewall of China” basically consists of a list of tabooed words and phrases embedded into users laptops and cell phones.  If these forbidden words or phrases are caught in the filtering, many times the internet search, email, or conversation never reaches the intended destination.  This, as you can imagine, arouses many issues on government censorship, and raises many concerns about government control.  This concludes my segment on the “Great Firewall of China”, for more info see Section Three of my website.

Due to the fact that this is my last blog for this class, I would like to mention that I feel I have gained a lot of new knowledge throughout the journey of writing for the web.   Thank you again for everyone’s comments, insights, and encouragement.  It has been fun learning a new medium in which to write, I look forward to seeing everyone’s websites at the end of the semester!

Well, that’s all for this semester 🙂


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