Reviewing Section One: 2/22/2010

A glimpse into Section One!

Here are the basic things I like:


  • I think the pictures, theme, and design all compliment each other
  • I think the pictures compliment the content of the website (better than my initial nature theme)
  • The theme presents me with endless possibilities, and I am excited to use art/pictures throughout the pages
  • It took me awhile to find pictures online, and even longer to size them proportionally on the page in Dreamweaver, but I am happy with the results


  • I presented buttons so they are easy to find
  • I wanted buttons to remain consistent; I personally like consistency in buttons when I am working in a website online, it makes navigation easier
  • I contrasted the buttons with other colors on the pages
  • The button text is easy to read and professional
  • The website was quick to load when I was testing it out online
  • (Text) I tried to focus on my audience and purpose, and my goal was to enhance my thoughts with texts we are reading in class. I hope the structure, clarity and development is on track (I am excited to hear group member’s feedback in this area)

Where I need feedback:

  • Is my text interesting?
  • Any other areas should I focus on?
  • How could I make my reader more active?
  • any feedback is good, all I ask is: be honest!! My feelings will not be hurt!

Where I am going:

I want this to be a journey. I want each Section to show growth, development, new understandings, and new abilities. I do not have a definite plan, because when I do, I don’t stick to it, but literacy in technology is what I am after (now that I know what it means)!



4 responses to this post.

  1. You are so eloquent in your goals descriptions! I really like what you say about wanting each section to show growth and I am in total agreement with you about that. As far as your website… BRAVO! I think it is clean, interesting, audience oriented and very professional looking. I think you have a natural talent for design that I am in envy of. Your links work well, very easy and simple to navigate. I think that you have a good grasp of how to do it and any additional pages you add will continue to be easy to navigate and your design so unique and interesting that people will want to continue exploring what you have created. I like what you say about the different mentalities about technology through the ages. Cultural understanding of the world is always interesting to me. I don’t know what to say to you about adding any additional “interesting” text… I think that is a subjective opinion and something that is up to you to pull out of your head! Other than that… IT IS AWESOME!


  2. Awesome work so far, Jill. Your website accomplishes the goal of drawing the readers in right from the get-go. It’s very visual but very coherent. (believe it or not but it actually took me some time to realize that each of the three images signify the progession of writing technologies–Yeah, I know).

    The website is navigable and pleasant to the eye. You also set your goals clearly in section one which makes the whole process of building up the section and branching off with new ideas all the more interesting.

    Keep it up!



  3. Hey, Jill! I like your easy-to-navigate Web site. The pages are attractive and informative. I really think you did a good job with your section one. I think that your text is plenty interesting and that it shows that you really put thought into it (it flows nicely, your quotes are appropriate, etc.). One of the areas on which you said you wanted feedback was how to help your readers become more active, and the only thing I can think of is putting links on the page that lead the reader elsewhere (and that “elsewhere” is totally up to you).

    Overall, it is a very eye-pleasing, simple site. Nice job, Jill.



  4. Oh! One last thing I just noticed. I keep wanting to click on the picture on the home page to link to section one…I don’t know if anyone else had the same desire or not. Also, when I get to section one, the browser tab says “untitled document,” whereas when I’m on your home page, the browser tab says “Home Page” (I have no idea how to fix this, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention if it’s something you might want to change).

    That’s all! Really nice site.



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