Section Two

My plan for Section 2 is still up in the air, but my goal is to record a podcast of one of my favorite poems with my voice, and with music in the background.  (That is step one– pretty basic, but I will (no doubt) learn a lot of new applications.)

For step two, my plan is to take a poem I wrote, and make it interactive– to try and really introduce the whole concept of hypertext. However, considering I do not have “mad skills” in this area, I am thinking it is going to be pretty basic.  I know the poem I want to use, and I am generating ideas on how I am going to link parts of the poem to images, perhaps some sound, other texts, etc.  I think Section 2 is going to be really creative, now I just need to take the time to start experimenting!


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  1. First… I love this! I like everything you did with this. I personally liked the more colorful background you had originally because in my opinion it added to the innocence of the poem and better reflected what you were trying to say. That said, I also like the bambo ball since it helps to tie the project into the main theme of the overall site.

    1) The argument: I think your introduction to your project nailed this. The poem is beautiful and the behaviors you chose to apply to certain words works beautifully to convey your meaning. You are so right in that the extra details that the behaviors allow for, add to the overall effect and complexity of what to a linear reader would have interpreted to be a much simpler text/message.
    2) Collaborative: Hmm… I am going out on a limb here and I am going to say that your use of external (not your own creation) images is an example of collaboration, albeit your “collaborator” is unaware of their cooperation at this time. This I would say would be a “versioning” form of collaboration. Other than that, it is your own work that is being displayed in the poem and your own effort that created the effects that we see on your project. The only other “collaboration” I would consider would be that of Wilbert and I being with you and giving you feedback as you worked those many long hours in here and in the library. In which case you are also the collaborator of our works and should recieve just credit for it:)
    3) Value of Collaboration: What I could understand about this in Landow is that you value or are willing to site your collaborators… In that case, bravo! You have a whole page dedicated to the source of the images you found and used.

    On a different thread… the idea of collaboration could also mean how the website/project works as a whole to convey the meaning you meant to convey to your readers and in that I think you did a very good job. The text is interesting, the behaviors are apporpriate and the overall effect of the poem makes an interesting play on words and actions. I think everything works as it should (minus the fact we are not doing this in CSS so certain words are not as perfect as you would like:) I give you an A+

    4) This is where I tell you what I think your project has done to affect me, right? Okay… I think I may have already beat this to death in the previous questions, but for assignment’s sake, I will detail my ideas about your site.
    -I really think the first (blue or purple box) theme was the best for conveying your overall message to the end reader. The Wicker ball is beautiful, but thinking about where you are going with the poem (according to your introduction) the darker colors are more serious and “in the lines” than the meaning of the poem conveys. (This is just my opinion, take it or leave it.)
    -I don’t know what to say about the change of direction… I think that the poem in normal paper print would be a basis to jump off of. After reading just the poem and then seeing it on your project, I would notice the different changes in direction. The behaviors and movements of the texts create an excitement for the reader and lead them on to find more interesting things that the poem has to offer. It adds a great deal of dimension which in itself is a change in thinking/direction for the reader and adds a depth to it that would have otherwise been missing. I still think it rocks.


  2. Jill–

    I love your section two! It’s so cute and functional. I don’t have a lot of criticism to give because I enjoyed it so much. My only suggestion is that instead of making the viewer click on behavior-enhanced words, it might be a better idea to have those behaviors begin with mouse rollover. I just think it’s easier that way, but you can take it or leave it!

    Well done 🙂



  3. – also posted on your March 29th Blog

    Hey Jill,

    I am curious to know what you plan to do with this section, but why would you get rid of the poem. I really liked what you did with it. If you still plan on doing more with this section, why don’t you just add on instead of take away. The collaborative ideas you have could be totally separate from poem part of the section. Just my opinion. The complete site looks great, and I like the fresh look of your blog. I look forward to seeing more.



  4. Jill,

    Your section looks very good. I like how you used the Timeline feature on the title of the poem. I think you’re one of the few who utilized it. The color effects you used were also very consistent. You used the color change effect on the actual “color” words which I think is cool. I also like how each effect corresponds with the actual word in context.
    I do think that the extra space you have on the right side of the screen can be used for images. It’s not a must as you already have enough as it is, but I think it can spice it up a little bit.
    Well done. 


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